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December 26, 2013


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Hello~ this is my first ScotEng fanfic ,there is not much ScotEng fanfics that are violent/abuse, sadistic & rape free so i decide to do one that's NOT and is a bit fluffy

WARNING: YAOI (BOY & BOY), INCEST, MENTIONS OF PAST MPREG. don't like? leave! and no flames or criticize! 


Gille beag, o Gille lag, o 
Gille beag,o nan Caorach

Allistor softly sung the lullaby into the small little child sleeping ever so peacefully in the red hair Scotsman's arms , the child cooed while it stirred in it's sleep and cuddled further in it's father's heart chest  , Allistor smiled softly at the adorable child, then continued to sing the lullaby to his child relaxing and softly. 

Gille beag, o Gille lag, o
Gille beag,o nan Caorach 

He cradled and softly rocked the smaller red head in his arms , from the opening of the door way of the baby's room was his brother and husband Arthur watching them both  while smiling. 
Allistor continued singing.

Gille nan Caorachan
Gille nan Caorachan
Gille nan Caorachan 
Gaolach thu 

He finally finished the Gaelic lullaby and softly kissed the child on it's head "i love ye wee one" he whispered softly to the baby, slowly rest the baby in it's cradle and tucked it in the small yet thick warm blankets the baby boy breathing quietly in his sleep , on the head board of the cradle it said ANGUS.

Allistor slowly closing the door behind him so the child won't awake. "he's such a cutie , i could just watch you to all night" said Arthur to his older brother, the tall red head embraced his brother/lover in his strong arms and both shared a kiss , they softly bumped heads together "think we should have another wee one?" the Scotsman said. "not for a while I'm still sore from the last birthing"
Allistor laughed at his husbands last comment.

Note: Hello! i hope you all enjoy my first ScotEng fanfic . if it sucks i know that.DON'T JUDGE ME!. if your wanting to know where this lullaby came from here's the link ---->[… if it doesn't show i'm sorry.   

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